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  • Potterybear Range

    • Potterybear Range

      Moosie has collaborated with local potter, John from Potterybear, to bring you a range of one-of-a-kind containers for your Moosie Soy Candle.

      The small containers can be filled with wax, wick and scent, or can be used with a standard tealight inside.

      Larger containers can be filled with wax, wick and scent.

      After you have enjoyed your candle, you can have it refilled with another candle or you can clean out the container and enjoy it as a talking piece around your house.


      Details of each container:

      1. 225ml container

      2. 200ml container

      3. 165ml container

      4. 130ml container

      5. 130ml container

      6. 50ml container

      7. 50ml container

      8. 50ml container

      9. 50ml container


      Each picture has a standard tealight shown to  explain the size of each container.


      * NOTE* Containers are dishwasher safe but not food safe.



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